Sunday, July 24, 2011

let's catch up sometime

first... i am sorry i have been so MIA from my blog lately. for whatever reason, blogging has been at the dirt bottom of my priority list. and every time i thought "hey, i should blog" i couldn't think of anything worthwhile to blog about. but here goes. 
 a quick catch up on life

we've been under a severe heat warning all week. the heat index has been 110 degrees, and that doesn't include full humidity. it has been miserable. it beat the record books. i've never felt anything like it before. if you step outside for one minute you will come back inside drenched like you went for a swim in the pool. it is quite disgusting.

i've been running a few miles almost everyday the last couple of weeks. it feels mighty nice. i have the cutest, most secluded and shady park by my apartment i run in and i love it. even when i am the only one crazy enough to run under severe heat warnings. ah well. and i treated myself to some new running shorts yesterday, i'm oh so excited to try them out this week! 

my family [my mom and my sister] will be visiting me in 2 months. i am so pumped! i have already started a list of things to do with them. they will be the first visitors i have had since i have moved here. they're my favorite. it means so much to me. 

hmmm... what else....

i will have a new roommate starting in a couple of weeks. dana is moving out to prep for her upcoming mission so a girl named ashley will be moving in. it'll be different but i'm excited enough. 

you know you are officially a local when you become anti tourists.
which i am. thank you very much. it's part of the joys of working downtown.

also. i have morning sickness almost every morning. maybe i am the next virgin mary. it's very uncool and becoming a real problem. 

now i will wrap things up with
10 things that make me terribly happy

1. old Disney movies from my childhood 
2. a clean apartment and fresh sheets
3. lit candles in a dark room 
4. successful scripture study 
5. sister pierce's relief society lessons 
6. suzie leading the music in said relief society...she makes my week
7. a good day at work (like friday. it was fantastic)
8. pay day. amazing. 
9. paying my tithing 
10. hot turkey and cheese sandwiches ...SO good 



Courtney Cook said...

You are so gorgeous.

Carolyn said...

I'm so so excited to come visit honey! It will be great to see you and to be back in beautiful Wilmington. Thanks for blogging. I love to hear all that your doing. I love you oh so much!