Monday, July 11, 2011

Dear Mac,

you left on your mission today. And i am sad. but so, so excited for you and the adventure you are going to have. but my heart hurts a little bit. i don't know life without you here. and life without you kind of scares me.

you have been the most amazing friend to me the last 7 months. you make me feel like gold even when i am obviously not looking my best. i swear you don't even see my face breaking out or my dead hair or the extra weight around my stomach. but you always notice the hint of sadness in my eyes, or the glitter of giddiness. and you go above and beyond to make sure that that sadness is fixed or that the glitter stays.
ex: random cookout reeses (extra reeses) milkshakes on my door step numerous times. and pretty much, just being mac. 

i have two very favorite memories with you 
(both ironically involve smithfields, of course...)
first is our date when you first introduced me to the wonderfulness of smithfields (which i secretly curse you for) and then our walk around your neighborhood. how great was that? and my favorite part, kilwins ice cream downtown on the riverwalk. perfect. 
second is a couple of weeks ago when you and i took a trip to smithfields for dinner. you were so sweet and let me vent to you about all my troubles. why do you have to be so darn easy to talk to? 

and thank you for sharing your family with me! i love them to pieces. you knew i needed some kind of family interaction out here and you graciously started inviting me to your sunday family dinners. now i feel like part of the family and it's something i am grateful for everyday. i will take excellent care of darcie and your mom while you are gone. promise. 

two years from now i will be sitting on your couch, next to shatzee... oops i mean, sandy (don't tell your dad... and maybe she will even let me hold her by then) with a reeses shake, heavy on the reeses and a batch of darcie brownies waiting for you to walk through the front door.
it's a date.

i miss you already, buddy! 
show the people of Ogden, UT what you're all about.
and tell my family hello! 
Love you. 

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Mike and Hays said...

What a great post. I'm so sorry that you are missing your good friend already. But Ogden... seriously?!? I'll keep my eye out for him. Love you girl.