Thursday, July 7, 2011

randomity is a word today

i am feeling a bit out of focus lately.
i guess that's how you could explain it?
with life.
with the future. 
with myself.

10 completely random facts about me that you could probably care less to know 

1. simple math is not simple for me, like, 80 + 50? what is that? i don't know but you probably do ...grab me a calculator, please
2. sometimes i use a lint roller on my sheets before climbing inside
3. i cry more through laughter than i do when something is sad
4. i have a phobia of sprouted potatoes and clowns 
5. i have an uncanny ability to remove myself mentally from any situation 
6. i've never really been kissed and i sleep with socks on every night
7. i talk extremely fast with people, so much so that sometimes i get nervous to even talk to anyone at all 
8. the only gum i will chew is orbit's sweet mint... it's minty goodness and a party in my mouth everyday 
9. i own a pair of fake glasses that i wear sometimes when i am going makeup-less, they help distract from the right now
10. every night before bed i drink a cup of water with lots and lots of ice 

the end. 


Courtney Cook said...

I love when you post random facts about yourself... because I love every single one of them, they make you.. you :) miss you. love you.

Emily Dickson said...
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Emily Dickson said...

That is what I did before I got real glasses. Whenever I didn't wear makeup, on they went. I'm sure I still looked like a mess but it always made me feel better