Monday, August 8, 2011


...of spending the morning until my 2 pm work shift in hell still wrapped in bed, in the dark, blog stalking Taza.
...of giving my number out to the nice boy at cookout last night. 
...of [accidentally] sleeping in and missing half of church.
...of day dreaming of quitting my job at henrietta all while telling crazy maryann off and moving all the pencils out of place to royally drive her bonkers. and getting my life balanced out again, aw...
...of pretending not to hear my friends and all the cookout employees laugh as i order my reeses shake.
...of harboring a secret crush. 
...of thinking Arthur was so flat. not funny. sort of disappointing. 
...of not showering last week for 3 full days.
...of interpretive dancing to celine dion every time my roommate plays her cd.  
...of making a hot turkey and cheese sandwich almost everyday this last week. 
...of just now starting to read harry potter and surprisingly loving them. 
...of pretending my golf ball is a certain someone's face before slamming it 250 yards. 
...of running the loop at wrightsville beach until i thought my knee was going to blow, and maybe not even then. 
...of being excited to turn 20 when i was so politely reminded i am already 20.. hmm..


Courtney Kearns said...

much better. I will not be watching Arthur now.

Jill Robinson said...

I love all these things that you admitted. And I'm so excited that you're reading harry potter!