Thursday, August 11, 2011

it's a good life.

let me just update you on the last day or so... because it has been pretty going quite swimmingly. first i finished with registering/orientation for school yesterday [early] morning. it didn't go exactly as planned but in the end some prayers were answered and everything worked out just great. now all i need to do is get my books and my student ID made. but not today. today is a break day. 
yesterday afternoon i treated myself to a movie, The Help. i read this book a while back and have been looking forward to the movie ever since! i decided to go to it by myself and i loved every second of it. it was some good lauren to lauren to milk duds time. and i was the only person under sixty in the whole theater, those good southern woman... we chatted about the book before the movie and afterwards. it was rad. and remember this? it comes out on the 19th. i'll definitely be treating myself to another movie next week. 
after the movie i came home and made myself some delicious chicken and rice. i gobbled it right up and then went on a 3 mile run at wrightsville beach. i ended the run under the sunset letting the water soak my tired feet. it was pretty heavenly. it made me laugh a little, because i rememeber when i lived at home i would run along side the idaho canal. and now i run along side the ocean. it was kind of a full circle moment for me. here's some quick pictures i snapped... taken from my iphone at night [for you] so the quality isn't the best.

today i'm going to relax by the pool...ahh. i haven't done that in so so so so long. so if you need me... that is where i'll be, soaking up some sunshine before Institute tonight yahoo! 

xo yall

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Claire said...

Hey girl!!! How are you doing?? I just wanted to tell you are cute and similar you and courtney are!! I got on her blog and read that she was going to go and see "The Help" by herself and lose herself in some butterfinger minis and then I got on your blog and read how you had some "lauren with lauren" time and went and saw "The Help" by yourself with a box of milk duds! I just thought it was ironic, but very touching at the same time!! Sorry for the sentimental/gushy moment, but I love both of you two very much and glad to know that life is treating you well!!!