Sunday, August 28, 2011

she came, she left and I conquered

Hurricane Irene came. and one very loooong day later, Irene is gone. 
I'm exhausted. In fact, I am beyond exhausted. I don't know what word adequately describes what I am. So, for that reason, I am going to bed. But I will leave yall with this random, nerdy video Dana and I threw together on our adventure downtown this afternoon. We went down after Irene to see how well my little Downtown held up. I gotta tell ya folks, she's  a trooper. I was oh so proud.
But I also need to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers! I know there were plenty of them. It sure means a lot to know people were thinking about me!
like.. a LOT!
I have a lot of phone calls to return tomorrow, don't hate me if you called me in the last day or so and I didn't pick up... cell service was not ideal.

more details on my old friend Irene tomorrow... as for now.....
oh sorry.
I just fell asleep on my keyboard.

please excuse the poor video quality (it was rainy, helloooo fogged up lens)
It probably bugs me more than it will you. 
maybe you wouldn't have even noticed.
but you will now since I said something.
so... um....


Carolyn said...

Ah honey......this made me so happy to see you dancing around and ok!! I love you real lots! (p.s. Your rain boots are super cute!)

Mike and Hays said...

I'd agree with your mother... LOVED the rain boots! You wear them so well. Love this video and I'm so happy you made it through safely. Thanks for keeping us all updated. Love you.