Thursday, September 1, 2011

Irene 101

alright. i wrote this on Monday. but posting it now [sorry]
so pretend you are reading this Monday and not Thursday... or Friday... or whenever you stumble upon it.

I promised this post would be up yesterday. but it wasn't my finest day. so, today it is....

Friday morning I laid in bed as long as possible, fully expecting my boss to call and call me out of work. but alas, I got up and got myself presentable and headed to work in the pouring rain. I got there at 8 and was out by 8:30 once we got permission from our management company to shut down. So, back home I went... I changed into some comfy clothes and started plowing through my pile of movies. around 2 pm it really started coming down hard and the winds started picking up. before long our power was flickering in and out. this went on all night, gradually picking up its speed. we watched as many movies as we could, played some cards and guiltlessly ate our body weights in junk food. we also went on a little jog outside around 11 and smelled like wet dogs the rest of the night.
 hurricane irene hit us full on around 2 am and lasted until 7 am. sleeping was little. jason and i had a slumber party on the couches and fell asleep around 1:30. I think we woke up four different times. One of the times Jason made me stand outside the front door to feel how hard the wind was. One whimp lash later... I was back on my couch closing my eyes, wishing it all to go away. I was beyond exhausted!

Saturday morning it was nasty weather until about 5 or so. The wind calmed down, the rain ended and things seemed like they were almost back to normal. Once the town started opening back up a little more, I showed Irene who was boss and went to dinner at my favorite Wilmington restarant before heading to the movies with my roommates.

Our little town is still doing some clean up... we have some flooding and a lot of trees broken down. some people's power is still out (bummer.) and a lot of stoplights are still out as well. but for the most part, everything is looking a lot better and we pulled out pretty well I'd say! Now I'll grace with you some pictures... 

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