Monday, August 22, 2011

if my life was a movie...

who would play my family? 
please disregard any age differences in my choices
I realize McKell is not 40...yet

[dim lights here and roll tape]

  oh, hey dad. 
[Dennis Quaid] 

mom, lookin' good! 
I mean, Helen Hunt.... 

 sexy seeeester
[miss Julia Roberts]

when did Julia marry Josh Lucas? 

Kendall, it's perfect really. 
[Shia LeBeouf]
Kelly Belly... you're absolutely gorgeous, darlin'! 
[Kara DioGuardi]
now for the star....
[Rachel McAdams] 

coming soon to a theater near you.... 
[this film is not yet rated]


courtneykearns said...

ohhhh my gosh. this is fantastic. and i am copying you. when i figure out my life.

Anonymous said...

ah hahah i love this!! so perfect.

Mike and Hays said...

This is awesome! I agree with everyone! Especially you :)