Wednesday, August 17, 2011

how's this for random?

I've been peer pressured into writing a blog right now. that's right folks, you have courtney barton to blame for this minute or two you are wasting by reading this. and she takes the full responsibilty so if you want to show up at her apartment with water guns, she has no excuse. text/message me for her address.

I am sitting at work... it's the tail end of yet another 11 hour work day. it's a dang good thing I love my job or I'll probably be in misery right now. but that's not to say that I'm not ready get on home... because trust me, I am. I have plans tonight and they don't involve old men golfers. that'd be werid, right? though I love my regulars here, they are welcome to hang out with me anytime. but they're paying. they do however, still get their social security... love you, Obama. don't spend all my money in one place....

Last night Lindsay and I took a late night run to the beach, we walked around a bit (much to Linday's dismay, but we compromised and ended up at the water) we sat up in the lifegaurd tower and talked about life. the ups, the downs, the good times, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful and just the plain old "really, can't a girl catch a break" and of course, the "oh slap me some chocolate pie, I don't deserve all these blessings!" ya know the conversation I am talking about, right....

quick side note: I just made a tee time for a Mr. Tom Bieber. but don't get to excited... he assured me he was in no way related to Justin... eff.

Okay, well enough of my random notes of interest that I am sure are only interesting to me... adios mi... friends.

goodbye courtney b.

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