Monday, September 5, 2011

a whole bunch of blah and then some

sometimes i open up a new blog post and just stare at the blank screen waiting for something to come to mind. or i start writing something then midway through click the backspace button one time... and then another... and another until it is blank again. i'm just having the worse writers block lately. but alas, here i am.

here's some random thoughts (mostly because that's all my mind can conjure up right now... random, sparatic thoughts)

yesterday i facebook stalked my sister Courtney. i think i miss her.

brits doughnuts on carolina beach boardwalk are the most amazing doughnut treat to grace the earth. and rated the second best local doughnut in the nation. so obviously they rock. my question is who is the first? i must try them.

today at work, vicki (the chef) made me the most delicious chicken salad sandwich. it was a taste of heaven, which i am entirely positive is the truth and not just because i was starving to my bones.

i've started reading harry potter. i just finished book 3. yes, they are pretty good but i need a harry potter break and a new book. suggestions?

my momsy and sister(s)? come one month from today! oh my, can you believe it?!

i have lived in wilmington for 9 months!! whaaaa!? and i am still so in love with it. it's nice, ya know, to love where you live. i still have to pinch myself sometimes. it's a source of happiness that i know will always be constant. as long as i am here.

my sister Courtney and her mchubby jake have been married 2 years today. that's a bit crazy too.

i miss playing basketball. if i could, i would play it RIGHT. NOW. but i am at work. at a golf course. wrong sport.  

i am SO glad today is labor day! i think it means tourist season will be ending. a very happy avoir!

i am in love with these products. they honestly feel amazing on my skin, i can't even tell you. all my searching and folks, i have finally found it. heaven in a tube. try it!! target and walmart both carry it. best part? it's all organic. no more putting chemicals made in a factory in some test tube on your skin. did you know your skin breathes? it's your largest living organ. it demands respect. and this will do it. (sorry... i've become slightly obsessed with skin, i do my research... a lot) moving on....

yes, i miss oprah. don't you? you should.

i will do another post later of some pictures from my weekend. because yes i did take some.
i sure hope that is okay. but i am at my work still.
and picturelss.

until then...

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Eve Naylor said...

I love this. I love you. I am now craving Brits Doughnuts.