Tuesday, September 6, 2011

10.5 things that make me terribly happy 

1. singing in my car, with the music on full blast and windows down
2. a smooth day at work, full of plenty of "B" time...ya know
3. late night talks at #8 lifeguard tower on wrightsville beach 
4. downtown, where heaven meets earth!
5. falling into sleep with my candles flickering, it's quite lovely
6. keeping up with the kardashians and bachelor pad... i'm not ashamed. speaking of, is anyone else absolutely loving michelle money? who would've thought...
7. finding new music and digging deep inside a new book
7.5 the downtown farmers market... or any farmers market, really... 
8. running the loop at wrightsville, also where heaven meets earth!
9. FALL! my favorite season! and folks, it's about here! happiness! 
10. waking up to wilma and fred, the birds that have been living outside my window for the last 9 months. we're friends. i adore them.  



Carolyn said...

Lauren I LOVE this pic. I really want to have it at home. It's the perfect representation of you.....on a bench at the beach in your beloved Wilmington. How can i get one! I love you!

Sister said...

6, 7, 7.5. and 9... completely agree. Michelle Money and Graham, I like them.

Anonymous said...

I have missed opportunities to be near you, to hear your sweet voice, to be with you. Never again.
-Your Elder

Raw Redskins said...
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The Landons said...

You look beautiful!!