Friday, October 14, 2011

 10 things that are currently making me terribly happy
1. hot blood sucking vampires on The Vampire Diaries 
my new obsession. 
2. a fresh, clean face before bed. aaahh yes 
2.5 the 50's! why was i not born then? why!
3. my new jeans. they are the most comfy
4. random text messages
5. looking extra good in front of my loser old flame 
5.5 realizing and believing i deserve better
6. the wizard of oz!! 
7. The vampire diaries soundtrack... told ya, i'm obsessed. ok? 
8.5 eating an entire desert guilt free
9. pearl earrings 
10. fb notifications... i'm just saying

next blog will be full of pictures galore!
i loved having my family in town.
looooved it. 
and you will hear all about it.
but for now. i sleep.



Courtney Kearns said...

who is the other girl in that picture? Loving all of these especially 5/5.5 and 9

courtneykearns said...

so glad you're on board for the blood sucking hotties. glad i could start a revolution in the hearts of the morrison women! :)