Sunday, October 16, 2011

i'm back for kicks

hey yall.... i'm sorry i fail at blogging lately. but alas, here i am!
remember that time my mom and sisters came to visit? it was lovely.

 i miss them a thousand times. especially that little mckell. who isn't so little anymore. each time i see her she has aged and that sort of kills me. but she is honestly the sweetest and purest girl ever. i'm grateful for that. she's an example to me. weird. 

also. yes. i suck at blogging now. i'm dysfunctional. life is strange right now. but a good strange? i think? no. alright. cool. 

and now... because i owe yall this... life as of late according to my iphone 
hold your applause.

and tomorrow is monday.
how bout that?

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