Thursday, November 24, 2011

gobble, gobble

happy thanksgiving!! 
it's my first thanksgiving away from home and my family
i am feeling a bit homesick but it's okay because only 25 days until i head home to good old, bitter cold Idaho for 2 full weeks. yahoo!! 
however, today i eat my turkey in charlotte, north carolina with the mccall family. it's been a very eventful couple of days. 
i've never been to charlotte so it's been pretty radical exploring the city. it's very very very pretty here. but nothing beats my wilmington. here i am on this beautiful thanksgiving day!

last year i posted every day of november something i was thankful for.
this year i slacked a bit. but here are 30 things i am thankful for:
1. my mother. she is the strongest woman i know, she is truly the most wonderful mom i could ever ask for.
2. my father. the older i get the more thankful i am for this man. he is such a hard, dedicated worker and words can never express how thankful i am for the life he provided me. for this reason and SO much more he is the BEST. DAD. EVER! 
3. my sister courtney. she is not only my sister and my greatest example but my very best friend. i am so lucky. 
4. my brotha kendall. the little punk. i love this kid. he's always been my little buddy. and even though he may not show it, i like to think he loves me back. 
5. the world's cutest little sister, mckell. you know your kid sister is growing up when you can start calling her one of your best friends. i love this girl so darn much! 
6. my step mom, nicole. we've had our differences but at the end of the day i am thankful for her good example and friendship. she's one of the strongest ladies i know and it's hard to imagine life without her. 
7. my step sisters, brielle and allie ballie boo. they're adorable and make me laugh so hard. so glad they're my sisters. 
8. my grandparents. they are easily the most amazing people i know. and i think anyone who has ever had the opportunity to meet them would say the same. i am SO lucky they're mine. 
9. aunts, uncles and cousins, oh my! they're all the bomb and keep me on my toes.
10. my naughty but oh so adorable dog mr. mason. he's my first love. 
11. opportunity and dreams. without them i wouldn't be where i am today and that's a blessing i count every day. 
12. my Idaho friends. they will always have a special place in my heart. they have helped me through the toughest times and will always be my best buddies! 
13. my Wilmington friends. not only are they my friends but they are my family. we're all each other have and that's a bond that i've never made with another group of friends before.
14. my job. call me silly but 90% of the time i am so in love with my job. 
15. school, school school. it's a love/hate relationship but i know in the end it will all be worth it. 
16. my boyfriend. i mean..... what? he treats me so good. 
17. my health and my body. never underestimate it's strength. 
18. the gospel. i will never understand what i did in the world before to be lucky enough to be born under the covenant but it's impossible to even begin to describe how thankful i am for the church and the role it's played throughout my life. it's easily the most important thing i have. speaking of...
19. the book of mormon. it's the best how to book ever. 
20. my ward. both the ward i grew up in out in idaho and my current ward here in the dub. because let's be real, where else can you become a part of 7 different families? love them. 
21. my apartment. it's the perfect roof over my head. 
22. this country... i'm not the most patriotic person, i know, but i am grateful to be a citizen of the US... most days. okay, all days.
23. my brother in law, jacob. i will suck up my pride for the day and admit he really is a blessing to my family and he's kind of the bomb.... kind of. 
24. FOOD. need i say more!? 
25. my little car, rosa. she's been a trooper the last few weeks. i am just lucky to have a car that (for the most part) functions pretty well. 
26. my trials. boo, i know. but i would be lying if i couldn't honestly tell you they made me a better and stronger person. and obviously, that's something i am thankful for. so life, bring. it. ON! 
27. best friend courtney. don't know what i'd do without my bunny begard. 
28. zola jensen. i haven't always been her biggest fan but i can honestly say now that she's one of my favorite people. she's been there for my mom through the toughest times and treats my little sister like gold. and she's pretty dang rad. 
29. this beauuuitful earth. for real, how lucky are we? bravo, heavenly father! ya done good. 
30. my strengths, my weaknesses and my talents. cheesy. but come on... 



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