Saturday, November 19, 2011

late sunday night my faithful car, rosa, got really sick and died in the middle of no where north carolina. literally. it reminded me of a few scary movies. we sat there for a little over an hour as we waited for the tow truck (who looked like he probably kidnapped a few people on his way to get us....) came to pick us up. and we rode 64.2 miles back to wilmington, three girls and our tow truck driver. awesome. we woke up monday morning to have rosa towed back to a shop to diagnose her. a day later, rosa has a new battery and is recovery quite nicely! that girl is tough stuff guys. 

also. it's saturday, holla! and thanksgiving break.
loooove that. 

ps. i am Idaho bound December 20th!  
for some snow, friends, family and mistletoe
i'm pumped. 

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