Sunday, November 13, 2011

hello my [hopefully still faithful] bloggers. 
i am back. that hiatus was a bit long, the most sincere apology. 
during my blogging vacation...
- best friend courtney cook came to wilmington, it was fantastic
- halloween came. halloween went. also, fantastic
- my most favorite dad came to visit, i sure love that man
- i got into a fender bender 
- they filmed the new colin firth movie at my apartment
- school hates me, decided it didn't want to be friends with me
- the vampire diaries is on hiatus until january. i'm dying.
- had a thanksgiving feast and bonfire with my buddies
i made my mom's sweet potato casserole, it was a hit
- rosa [that's my car] died in the middle of no where north carolina, rode 64.2 miles back to wilmington with a creeper tow truck driver who listens way to much and speaks too little. update on my girl rosa tomorrow.
- life kicked me in the butt. taught me a few lessons. 
- fell in love with the world's most comfy blanket, which now softly occupies my bed and puts me into sweet dreams all night long
- Lindsay's little sis Jori came to party for the weekend
- become a proud costco member 

and i have pictures to prove it

happy sunday, friends.
if you'll still have me, i think i'll stay awhile.

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