Thursday, January 5, 2012

10 things making me really happy today 
1. successfully starting my classes and finishing all my applications for UNCW
2. my new outfit, I am feeling saucy 
3. Institute starts back up tonight, cool! 
4. mini date night with the boyfriend tonight also
5. speaking of dates, kelly rowe had one today... that makes me happy
6. the pain in my abs and arms from my workout last night 
7. the sunny weather outside with a little nip in the air. this is how winter should be. 
8. bueno bars
9. good friends, they're only amazing 
10. Jimbos at 10 tonight! something i have wanted to do for the last year, it's finally coming true! 

ps. yes i cut bangs. new year, new hairs.


Courtney Kearns said...

adorable outfit. love the bangs. love bueno. whats jimbos?

Jill Robinson said...

You just look adorable so much! Miss you girl!

Ally Porter Doman said...

HEY i second Nort on all accounts! I can't quite tell you which caught my attention more the sweet outfit or the rocking bangs. BABE...jealous! and yes...jimbos?

also I didn't really get an official "goodbye" neither did Reagan. sad! Until next time. KEEP BLOGGING. love reading

Claire said...

BAAAA..... Lauren I love your bangs and your hair color!! You are rockin' them!