Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 recap

It's the last day of 2011. say whaaa?
this year went by crazy, crazy fast! 
it is tripping me out. 

highlights of 2011
made the big move to Wilmington, North Carolina 

turned 20 years old 

fell back in love with running and ran the dillidash downtown

 surprised my mom in Utah for her birthday
see video here

survived my first North Carolina summer

survived the all powerful Hurricane Irene
(see fun video here)

and the fun/creepy water sprouts, of course.

my mom and sisters came to play in wilmington 

met this stellar son of a gun

best friend courtney cook came to visit!

and so did my pops!!

Spent Thanksgiving in Charlotte 

and Christmas in Idaho!

it was such a great year. so many new and amazing experiences that changed my life forever. and I welcome 2012 with wide open arms!
It absolutely will be another great year!

happy new year!!

1 comment:

Ally Porter Doman said...

9 photos above, with you in a suit. You look JUST like Court, just sos ya knows. it took me a second to realize it was you.