Friday, February 17, 2012


...of staying in bed until noon today watching grey's anatomy 
...of being paranoid i have some deathly illness after watching too much grey's anatomy 
...of catching up with my amazing grandparents on the phone last night 
...of regretting not listening to my dad months ago when he told me to write my old friend a letter on his mission 
...of running the loop last night. twice. 
...of procrastinating homework 
...of being a little weirded out i've already lived in wilmington over a year
...of loving a good rainy day 
...of loving on pandora's 90s alternative music station
...of putting my blogging hat back on because, quote from my grandpa last night: "Lauren, i read your blog more than i read the book of mormon"

folks, i'm back 
oh and i'm also very guilty of seeing the most perfect shirtless man running along the riverwalk and gawking like a little school girl.



Courtney Kearns said...

hahaha I love grandpa. And grey's anatomy. I feel a little bit better about watching it if I do it at the gym. That's right, Netflix app on the phone.

Carolyn said...

Thanks for recommitting yourself to your blogging, because I, like Grandpa, also read your blogs more than I reada the Book of Mormon.