Wednesday, February 15, 2012

hide and seek

dear blogging world....
here's what has been going on. 

-i celebrated a birthday. i am officially 21, a big bad adult. 
-i watch a lot of grey's anatomy, catching up on the 4 seasons i decided not to watch when they aired. alex korev, hate him. sometimes georgie drives me crazy. obviously love me some mcdreamy though. 
-i spent a weekend getting my friend keeley married off on the beach
it was simple, romantic and she looked gorgeous 
-i got back in the game of basketball. i play twice a week now. tuesdays with a group of guys at the church and thursdays in a mini basketball tournament at a baptist church in hempstead. we play 10 games and it exhausts me but i am loving being back in the game. lots. 
-courtney williams is coming to visit in almost a month
-courtney cook makes her return to wilmington in april 
-the bachelor... anyone else find themselves really hating ben? and courtney.... barf. i think maybe they deserve each other. 
-last night we had an anti valentine's day party. it was marvelous. i made goodies, we had a pinata and lots of good fun.  
-and our little ysa seed will officially be made a ysa BRANCH this Sunday... if only you knew how exciting that is

and now, life as of late, according to my iphone 

be back soon.


Ally Porter Doman said...

I wish I could visit!!! When you can you pencil me in :) I wish! Someday I'll have to save my pennies and come visit with Court!
It sounds like you have been making some good memories. Keep it up!

Courtney Kearns said...

Well it's about time! love that picture of you chewing the pen... hah. Glad you're playing basketball again.

Jill Robinson said...

I also hate Ben and Courtney. I'm glad to find someone else who agrees! Miss you!!

Carolyn said...

I'm writing this after picking myself up off the floor from shock at you having updated your blog. Thank you my child. You have no idea how much I enjoy your updates. I also LOVE that your playing BBall again. That was such a huge part of your life...and your dang good at it! Keep it up! I love you miss Lauren. Oh so much!