Friday, March 2, 2012

days like today i am even more grateful that i live in north carolina
why... because i am basking in 76 degree weather and it's perfect because the humidity hasn't quite picked up full speed (yet) so spending as much time outside as possible before that happens is a must must must! it's absolutely lovely!
this is one of the very last weekends before tourists start showing their faces around our parts... not my favorite thing. unless they're my tourist from idaho... then that's fine :)
but every year before tourism picks up, wilmington opens all their fun attractions up to residents for freeeee for a weekend. 
coolest thing ever, right? that weekend is this weekend. 
here's the countdown: 
19 days until my dad, kendall and mckell come! 
22 days until courtney williams comes! 
38 days until courtney cook comes! 

this post was everywhere, i'm sorry! but it's an update. so be happy! 

happy friday!! 

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Carolyn said...

It looks beautiful honey! Pinch yourself for me. Wish I were on your countdown list.....hopefully soon! Love you!