Wednesday, March 14, 2012

let's set the world on fire

howdy folks! busy couple of weeks over here. the biggest news of all is that with being made into the first Wilmington YSA Branch comes callings. big people callings. like relief society president. which i may or may not now be.... and by that, i mean i am. i am officially relief society president. pretty crazy. it's definitely going to be a challenge but a challenge i know i need-- it'll be good. i'm excited.
that's probably the biggest news i have. i've been keeping myself busy with work picking back up. the weather has been beautiful. i went down to fort fisher today with my buds kelly and jayne (who just happen to be my RS counselors) and went on a good run. it was lovely. i'm getting ready for summer but am enjoying my short taste of spring. 
here's some pictures stolen from my iphone. 


Jill Robinson said...

Love this(and you). you'll do great! Also, super love the post title. I love fun. :)

MissDMarie said...

A weekend (soon), can we go to Fort Fisher?

Claire said...

AHHHHH Lauren, you are going to be a fantastic relief society president! I am officially jealous not to be in your ward!! You are just so down to earth and relatable that those girls in your organization are blessed to have you as their president! When are you going to come back west and visit us winter birds!??? Love ya!