Saturday, May 12, 2012


...of having a random new obsession with ranch. I like ranch with my ranch. it's bad. 

...of being oh so dirt poor. or muddy poor? is that worse? can we make that a thing? 

...of trying real real hard to feel like an adequate enough relief society president.

...of being just a wee bit homesick. microscopic. and royally missing my mom on mother's day.

...of being one of the luckiest girls alive. 

...of having a constant stress headache. constant. i feel i may be dying. i'm too young. 

...of being completely anti social right now as my friends watch a movie. i am sitting in the back on my computer and waiting for the moment and when it isn't completely lame to head to bed. probably after the brownies are done.

...of watching the seasons of brothers & sisters on netflix simply because it reminds me of my sweet mamma.

...of liking this boy. lots. 


...especially when he does this. 

and i'm out.


Carolyn said...

Lauren, have I told you how much I love you today? Well I do! Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter!

Laurel Rasmusen said...

Lauren! You're the RS Pres?! Awesome!! And who's that boy?!!!! He's cute!