Saturday, May 5, 2012

weird things....
i have two favorite pairs of jeans that i always wear. i can't find either of them anywhere. they have been missing for 2 weeks. i only undress in my bedroom... who stole my jeans?!?! 

Robert Downey Jr is in town for 8 months filming Iron Man 3. I think everyone spots him somewhere but my friend Chelsea, who is in love with RDJ. It's just her luck. 

In my math final there was an (awesome) girl who kept asking everyone when they walked in, and excuse my language... "hey, you kno dis shit?" "how bout you, you kno dis shit?" "oh, I kno you kno dis shit!" I wish my class wasn't online until the final, I would've loved to be friends with her earlier! 

one night last week a few of us went with chelsea downtown to maybe run into Robert Downey Jr... that seems to be where he is always spotted. (in Chelsea's favorite spots too. poor girl.) 
this is what our night consisted of.... 

and would you look at that... two blog posts back to back?
try not to pass out! 

happy saturday!

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Carolyn said...

Thank you OH THANK YOU for updating your blog! Now I can fall asleep a happy Momma! And I LOVE your green dress! You look beautiful! I also LOVE your hair....the blonde is great on you!