Monday, June 4, 2012

random nuggets of thoughts you could care less for

taught a difficult Relief Society lesson today. i was super nervous about it and the reaction i would get. but i listened closely to the spirit and it went over extremely well!

i am constantly, constantly, CONSTANTLY surprised by people. good... and bad.

my mom is coming in a few short weeks for a visit! and not only her... but my lovely aunt mary jo is coming as well! i'm oh so thrilled!  i am so blessed. 

tonight.. i am tired of people. love people, but oh... i'm exhausted. 

i have quite the boyfriend. he puts up with far more from me then he needs to... yet, he still seems to kind of like me. i learn so much from him everyday, there is no doubt i am a better person with him. 

i was going to go home this summer at some point. i think i'll just hang around here now. home can wait until christmas time, i think.

the beach is a lovely thing. 

loosing a best friend hurts. oh it aches. i'm not sure if it gets easier or if you just get used to the pain and rejection. i'm leaning towards the latter. i guess that's what honesty gets you.

a soft heart is a must. 

i wish i could pull off red lipstick... or lipstick in general. unfortunately, i am not that classy.

most attractive thing on a guy? hair. eyes. fashion. biceps. hey, let's just throw in a few abs. why not? 

this post has gone far past random thoughts rolling around in my head at 1 am.

glad i have the day off tomorrow.

i'll post tomorrow (today?) with actual pictures. right now... i'm just to dang tired! 

i so happy!

adios, my friends.... if you're out there.... 

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