Sunday, June 17, 2012

this is my blog

 I believe in charity 
I believe in standing up for what's right 
I believe in the power of a smile and smiling lots 
I believe in patience 
I believe in integrity 
I believe in crying 
I believe in fate 
I believe in family 
I believe in dreams
I believe in laughter 
I believe in repentance 
I believe in the commandments 
I believe in personal countenance 
I believe running is the best antidepressant 
I believe in the power of a sister 
I believe in reeses milkshakes 
I believe in doing the right thing 
I believe in the book of mormon 
I believe in prayer and lots of it
I believe in sleep
I believe in "Lauren time" 

i made this list a few days ago while I was bored at work. I thought maybe it was worth sharing. It's been a rough couple of weeks with a roller coaster of emotions. Tonight I feel frustrated, disrespected, hurt, annoyed, disappointed, relieved and exhausted. 
Tonight I've decided on some things: 
if someone can't handle me at my worst, they certainly don't deserve me when i am at my best 
true colors always, always ALWAYS come out, hopefully those true colors aren't too much of a disappointment. in my case- i am not that lucky. 
i have a very intuitive gut and it's usually always right 
new beginnings happen at some beginning's end
maybe it's time to make my way back to utah 

real quick.... the bachelorlette
ryan is a peacock, of this i am sure
arie... i really want him for myself 
sean, he's pretty dreamy 
jef... you are missing an f and i am undecided 

that's all for tonight, folks

shout out to my grandpa! my number one fan.
who said he reads my blog more than the book of mormon
and.... that's a lot. 
i'm absolutely crazy for that man! 



Courtney Kearns said...

Hahaha Jef does need an F. Kallum looked exactly like Jeff Manning and I was glad to see him go.

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

gahh! so stinkin' glad that ryan is gone!! what a tool! we're basically in sync with everything right now. maybe if jef and her get married they'll move to utah and the missionaries will find them! haHA!

Laurel Rasmusen said...

hahaha, Jef's spelling bugs me so bad! But after their date in London, I totally want him to win. He's so cute. Did you know his parents are mission presidents in South Carolina?!! Just a little tidbit.