Thursday, August 23, 2012

First week of school in review: 

my film teachers are way to cool for school. honestly. never have i ever met anyone as cool as these guys in my life. so bomb. 
i love, love my new campus. it's silly. but i just dooo. 
my nick name so far by the two film department heads is "Idaho" i'm not entirely sure they have even grasped that my name is actually Lauren, which is fine. they know me already, i'm counting that as a good thing. 
the film stage, sound stage, wardrobe, props, makeup... everything. just makes my day complete. i am loving being in that environment. 
Watched filming of the new NBC show "Revolution" downtown today. Saw Bella's dad from Twilight. Check out the trailer on youtube. looks rad!
i absolutely made the right choice by choosing this film program. it is so right for me. everything definitely happens for a reason.


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Ike, Al, and Reagan said...

So happy for you lady! Miss you like crazy too. CAN'T UNTIL CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!!

Melanie J said...

Haha! My coworkers call me "Spud" because I'm from Idaho. For several of them, I'm the only person from Idaho they've ever met.