Monday, August 20, 2012

and so it begins

 meet one of my syllabus's....

            Project #1
After understanding the concepts of a montage you will work in groups of 3-4, each student is responsible for creating their own montage (concept, write, storyboard).  It will be shot in FVP 114, and edited in FVP 220.  They will be viewed and critiqued in FVP 111 class.  

Project #2

You will be teamed with other students (groups of 3-4) to write, produce, shoot and edit a :30 second commercial.  This project is “To Time” not :28-:34.  You can go fake or real for content. Treatment and storyboard are required

            Project #3
            Interview.  Working in groups of 3-4 you must light, mic, and shoot a subject for interview on the FVP Sound Stage. Basic three point lighting concepts will be implemented here. Grading will be based on quality of sound, lighting and camera work, not content of interview.    Interviewee and subject matter must be approved by me.  

     Project #4
            How To Video.  Working in groups of 3-4 you will shoot and edit a “How To” video on a subject of your choosing.  
Project #5
            Steal A Scene - . In groups of 3-4 you will select a scene from a movie of your choosing and mimic it as close to the original production as possible.  This includes lighting, dialogue, set dressing, wardrobe, props, ect.

            Project #6
            Music Video.  With a song of your choosing you will create a music video working in groups.  You must present a treatment and storyboard before shooting.  Song and content must be approved by me. 

Project # 7
Short Film: Rough Cut - Working in groups of 3-4, you will do pre-production, production, and post production on a 5 page short film.  This is a cumulative exercise of all skills acquired this semester.  All scripts need to be approved by me before photography begins.

Project # 8
Short Film: Final Cut -  Complete all production and post production on your short film for final submission and screening.  This includes all editing, music, credit, and final format to turn in.


MissDMarie said...

I think you have done most of those "projects" in your free time at home.... you got this! :)

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