Monday, August 13, 2012

how to get rid of a no good, very bad day:

today was one of those days for me where life just had me down & i couldn't shake it. everyone at church seemed to just annoy me, my calling had me stressing, my feelings were hurt, i was feeling lonely and homesick and i felt just plain ugly. i came home, slammed my bedroom door, screamed, put on the office and pulled out some chocolate. 
am i crazy [don't answer that] or does everyone have those days? 
here's how to turn that frown upside down
(it worked for me)
1. write a missionary! 
2. read the BOM in a quiet classroom of the chuch 
3. listen to "Lead, Kindly, Light" by Paul Jacobsen. This is my favorite hymn and this version rocks. 
4. go chill at your best friend mary's apartment for hours. bring sundrop. 
5. talk to your grandma on the phone [i had a fabulous talk with my grams for a good hour or so. it was great]

here's to a happier tomorrow, folks.

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