Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the most randomest of random

1. this picture was taken a month or so again but for whatever reason didn't make it on my blog. so why not? grandpa... this ones for you (because i know you will love this photo) also i need to call you and grams... asap!
2. this post will be random.... beware.
3. i love getting letters from my best friend mac who is currently on his mission. (11 more months!) i am pretty sure, in my eyes, that no man will ever live up to maccer. someone's gotta step it up! remember THIS post?
4. it's absolutely blowing my mind that it's already the end of July... where does the time go?? and do i really have to start school in 3 weeks? actually, i am ready for that. bring it. 
5. there's nothing more satisfying or eye opening then looking back on past events and realizing why things happened the way they did. it's crazy how life can unravel. 
6. a human's greatest need is to feel appreciated. 
7. my new favorite lunch place is Krazies... i think i'll grab shanda and have that tomorrow. 
9. did you even notice i skipped #8?? see what i did there... 
10. only five more months until i go home and see my family! oh, i miss them. also, jennifer aniston is in town filming. i must find her.

goodnight y'all! 

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