Thursday, September 6, 2012

life as of late

...according to my instagram 
lunch with two of my favorite goofs

kelly and her new favorite little man

behind the scenes of my first film project

Editing hour 6

On set of the new ABC tv show "Revolution"

Classic 1st day of school photo

10 things making me terribly happy
1. being soooo busy all the dang time. it's been so good for me! teaching me priorities... Full time Relief Society President, Full time student and part time golf shop assistant. and yes, that is in a particular order. life is crazy...good.
2. President Erying's talk from April 2012 conference titled, "Mountains to Climb" check it out HERE's currently sounding through my headphones
3. the most special text message from my cousin Candace the other day. totally made my day. i have amazing family.(shout out to you, cando!)
4. i'm heading to Raleigh Saturday for auxiliary training with the General church leaders galore. i'm definitely looking forward to it.
5. good chats with my roomie lindsay. we were up late into the night last night just talking each other's ears off. i'm a bit sluggish this morning as a result...
6. deli dinners each friday before sport nights at the church
7. netflix... i don't know what 2 am would look like without it.
i'm not sure that's a good thing.
8. runnning.... it's the world's most overlooked natural antidepressant. i know it for sure. 
8.5. making halloween costume's in september with friends-- it's a process.
9. scripture study, gratitude prayers, brrberry yogurt and a best friend.... the most perfect way to start any out of balance week
10. this video... (look down... you see it? great. now back up here) you may remember it. i made it back in january on a random whim with friends downtown. it's a good laugh. 

happy thursday, yall 


Courtney Kearns said...

Love! You're a great example for me. I need to do more of those things. Like... all of them...

Carolyn said...

Much gratitude for a new blog post! I miss you and love it when you catch us all up on your life!