Thursday, September 13, 2012

it's a sweet life livin' by the salty sea

ah man. it's been a long, long week. and it's still only thursday. good grief! i think the amount of sleep i have gotten this week adds up to one full night's rest. maybe that counts, i don't know. but this morning i tried to open my car with my apartment key and it took me a solid 5 minutes to realize what i was doing. i'm so tired, i have way to much going on right now my head is spinning but...
i am happy. 

and on that note:

10 things that are making me terribly happy

1. going to dinner last night with Dana, Kelly and Catie with baby Allie for Dana's 24th birthday!! (see above picture...) and throwing her a fabulous surprise party afterwards.
2. filming a fun commercial for class yesterday. maybe interesting is more the word... but we had fun anyway
3. stepping on the scale and noticing that all my blood, sweat and tears seem to be paying off. christmas in idaho here i come. 
4. my dad and step mom nicole come to visit wilmington a month from yesterday! i am getting verrrry excited! 
5. the amazing focus group i was asked to attend saturday with sister reeves from the general relief society and the auxiliery training afterwards. i am still reeling from the spiritual high. 
6. i've never had so many places i need to be at once or pulled in so many different directions all my life. i have many roles and i want to give each one 110 percent. and some days it gets me but at the end of every day i really am so grateful, it's teaching me so much about myself and life. i am growing. 
and isn't that the point? 
7. duh.... sundrop. getting me through my days. though i am trying to cut down some... funny, right? but really, i haven't had a sundrop since monday... well, i take that back, i had a shot of sundrop last night. but i'll let that one slide.
8. my friends!! i give them a lot of crap but really, i have some of the world's greatest friends. they're a bunch of goofs though. they'll keep you entertained.
9. my seeeester, courtney. i realized the other day that when i see her for new years (i think?) it will have been an entire year! that. is. CRAZY to me! she's always has been and continues to be my greatest role model and biggest protector. i know with my sister in my corner there's not a thing i can't beat. hey  mister, she's my sister.
(p.s. court, coming from you, an eyebrow compliment really is the best! :)
10. this AMAZING weather we've been seeing! fall is on the way, folks! i can smell it! almost taste it! i am  so so so ready! 

i'll be back! ..said in terminator style... yes? no? 
okay, remember i am tired... 

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Courtney Kearns said...

Ugh I want to come to Wilmington. You get so many more visitors than me. And you're a role model for ME! New years... one year. that's nuts.