Wednesday, September 19, 2012

oh happy day

this morning i woke up and realized that i had an empty plate and nothing to do for a couple of hours. which never happens anymore! therefore... here i am. blogging. and sitting on my bed in the world's most comfy sweater. happy and content. and eating peanut butter crackers. because i can.

life is really good right now. it's not perfect by any means. but i have no right to be making any sort of complaints. work is busy, school is busier and my calling is busiest. and all of that makes me feel worth wild. my entire life i have struggled with being genuinely happy. somewhere within in the last couple of months i have finally found a place within myself where i am content. i have realized that i only control myself, my actions, my responses and what i do or what i don't do. the world may be spinning out of control around me but i control how it effects me, and that's pretty awesome. i used to think of happiness more of a destination, i now think it's more of a state of mind that comes and goes. if i remember that, i think i can find happiness more often. also- this is so cliche and maybe it's the relief society president in me, but honestly... if you dedicate yourself to helping becomes so much easier! it's so true! it's such a good life i have. i'm quite honestly living my dream every day. and call me bias, but i have the most amazing place to call home. i'm surrounded by beautiful people with a lot of love and support and i have the world's best friend who pulls me right out of any possible funk. whew! i don't know where all that spilled out from but in case you were wondering, life in my little eastern corner of the world... it is good. and sometimes we have flour fights and i sneeze flour up for days. but it's cool!

oh-- and tonight i am shooting a video with some friends. look forward to that because it will certainly be making its way onto the blog. and yep, i think that about wraps it up. adios! ps. mom... dream come true, right?


Courtney Kearns said...

Relief Society makes you feel worth wild? I wanna join that ward. Very wise words my dear. I'm so very happy that you are happy.

Carolyn said...

Yes Lauren....this is a dream come true! For many reason. Mostly because I love hearing you so happy. You've fought for it and your figuring it out. So very very proud of you!