Tuesday, October 9, 2012

spirtiual feeding

 and it's already Wednesday. this week is flying right on by. which is alright by me. Friday i have my last day of work at cape fear national (very bittersweet!) but then right after work my dad and step mom will be in wilmington! can't complain about that! nope, not one bit. it will be good to have a dose of family for a weekend. 

my weekend was full of general conference galore. also not something to really complain about. i watched all four sessions at the church, which forced me to really pay attention. my favorite talk was by elder holland (really, is that such a surprise?) but what he said honestly hit me and i haven't been able to shake it since. when elder holland interpreted the conversation between Christ and Peter and Christ kept repeatedly asking Peter "Do you love me?" and then after a few answers of "yes" from Peter, Christ then said, "Then why are we still here? Why are we having this same conversation? Did my life and my love not affect you deeper than this?"
as my friend adrian would say, shut the front door!
one more time.
"did my life and my love not affect you deeper than this?"
holy. amazingness. 

while on the subject of elder holland... anyone see the broadcast of the CES broadcast he spoke at last month? no? oh well let me enlighten you... 

mine and i'm sure everyone's favorite part starts at about the 30:35 mark. it's INTENSE. if you only have time for a little bit, watch that part. you won't regret it. (though i DO suggest the entire thing)

alright. i think that will be it for my spiritual rant. however, i will end it with this cover of "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" by my very own Mother! she's just cool like that. my sister found it and posted it, and i had to copy her. it's what i do. 

I Know That My Redeemer Lives


Courtney Cook said...

My goodness. Thank you for posting that song of your moms! I could seriously listen to her voice all day. I miss hearing her voice chime throughout your whole house while she was cleaning or doing whatever else she did! So many good memories :) Thanks for this post girl! :)

Courtney Kearns said...


Carolyn said...

Ah Lauren. Nice post. Elder Holland has always been my favorite as well.
I had no idea Court had stolen that recording! Naughty girl. She will be spanked at Christmas! But, I must admit that it's meant a lot to know how much you girls liked having music in our home. I really had no idea. So, for that I'm grateful. Love you sweetheart.