Thursday, October 18, 2012

life as of late

...through pictures
and lots of them
picture overload, more like.

officially started my new job at the Country Club of Landfall. 
it's such a great job and i'm starting to really love it!
this was the sunset last night on my way out of work.
(and random sunset from a couple weeks back. holy crap, right?!)
gotta love those NC sunsets! 

went on a temple trip a couple weeks ago and it was pretty darn cool

had a good laugh making this video with Cari
and yes. we are weird. 
and so well aware of it. 

and of course the time my dad and step mom came to visit!
i loved having them here and i miss them already. 
but that dose of family was just what i needed!

and just for kicks and giggles.... 
and my own humiliation
i may or not wear these around my apartment now days
and love it 

blah blah blah

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