Wednesday, November 28, 2012

fa wa wa wa wa

the roomies and i ventured out sunday evening to get our 2012 christmas tree! we opted for a bigger one than last year's tree. but hey... the bigger the tree the bigger the christmas spirit?
is that a saying? it should be. well, it is now. 

i have to open at work tomorrow morning. which is really unfortunate since it is almost 1 in the morning and i have to wake up at 5.
sleep isn't coming easy for me tonight. my mind is racing. 
and stressing
oh... and stressing.

on a happier note: i got my new camera and lens today!
oh, they sure are a couple of beauts.
never have i ever been so intimated by a piece of machinery before.
i am ready to make some christmas videos galore.

oh, and 20 days until i am idaho bound!

sleep now?
you're funny.  


Jessica McGill Lindstrom said...

Here Iam looking for the like button thinking its Facebook haha. So I'm liking this by telling you :)

Jessica McGill Lindstrom said...

I was nominated! Now I'm nominating you!!