Saturday, November 24, 2012

we gave thanks

Thanksgiving 2012 
thanksgiving has come and gone... and i can hardly believe it. this year i ate my turkey in good ol' greenville, north carolina with kelly and her family. besides my own, of course, her family has quickly become my very favorite. it was a fantastic thanksgiving and get away and i'm sad it's over! but- just a few more weeks and i will be on a plane headed home to idaho for christmas. and that sounds pretty fantastic, too. :)
here's a few thanksgiving photos: 

thankful for: 
1. the gospel. my biggest blessing.
2. my family- don't know what i would do without them 
3. good friends who love me
4. my job that i am quickly falling in love with
5. that i am living my dream every day 

and so. much. more.    

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