Sunday, November 18, 2012

shut up. i'm your person.

blog, meet my best friend. her name is kelly but i prefer to call her my better half, the ouiser to my clairee, the cristina to my meredith, the hound to my fox, the best person i know, and my person.
this picture depicts our friendship perfectly and i can't help but post it. hence the oh so sentimental blog post that is unfolding that she will positively, undeniably hate/kick me for later.
let me just tell you a few reasons why this girl is my best friend/sister: 
1. she is quite literally the other half of my brain. seriously. it's incredibly creepy how in each other's head we are. girl completes me!
2. she is the only one that knows me. like really knows me. every dark nook and corner she knows, she gets and for whatever reason, puts up with me anyway. 
3. she gives me tough love and sympathy when necessary and doesn't hesitate to slap (literally) some sense into me when i need it. 
4. she is snippy and sarcastic yet intuitive and sensitive 
5. she's my person.
need i say more? 
if i murdered somewhere, she is who i'd call to help me drag the corpse across the living room floor.
(thumbs up for some grey's anatomy)
and i am so blessed.

alright. sentimental moment is over.
but on another note...
my tickets for my trip home are officially booked.
i am idaho bound december 17th! 
tell the world i am coming home.
for 13 days- it's happening.

ps. if you are on the East coast tonight- turn your pandora station to the civil wars... perfect soundtrack to this rainy, windy and cold sunday. 
absolutely perfect. 

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