Monday, November 19, 2012

happiness is

10 things that make me terribly happy:

1. this video. i mean, really... it will make any day better.
2. my civil wars pandora station. i mentioned it last post and i am mentioning it again. it's that important, people
it's setting the tone to my week just perfectly.
3. thanksgiving. i've already had 2 thanksgiving dinners this year--
bring on the 3rd! 
4. my long, cold but successful run tonight. 
best natural antidepressant there is. 
5. my job- they spoil me and i love it there. i just may never leave. 
6. my early christmas present that will be on its way here shortly!
(thanks mom & dad!)
7. chicken salad. i'm a chicken salad-a-holic. oh, i love it so. 
8. grey's anatomy. still the best show on television. 
9. breakfast. still the best meal of the day. 
10. the fact that this time next month i will be reunited with my siblings...
and cafe rio. 

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