Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1. making it all the way down college road yesterday without having to stop at one red light. this was during rush hour, too. from 17th street down into castle hayne. this is a BIG, big and rare thing, people. understand?
2. monday e-mails from maccer. he's a real gem, i hope you know. 
3. tuesday afternoons spent watching the bachelor with my dearest cynthia. for 2 hours our estrogen is running high as we allow ourselves to turn into such girls. it's shameful, really. yet, awesome.
4.  my friend steph while she's on her pain meds (she recently had foot surgery... i promise she isn't a druggie) but never have i ever seen medicine affect anyone so strongly before. she. is. hilarious.  
best pick-me-up ever!
5. turkey avocado sandwiches. i've discovered a love for everything avocado and i can't get enough. 
6.  finding the charger to my nook after an entire year. you can bet i've been getting my read on.
7. the solid day at work i had on monday. i opened, so i was alone with no coworkers or golfers for a good couple of hours. i watched the sunrise, whipped out some hot chocolate and my nook (told you!) and kicked back. my mind was clear all day (never happens) and it really was a rockstar morning/afternoon at the club.
8. power naps, baby. 
9. the creeper i had in front of me at the stop light last night. he would NOT stop staring at me. it was the weirdest thing. eventually, i just started laughing and waved at the guy. yes, i see you. after that, he did everything possible to loose me in the crowd of cars. it was a good, much needed laugh.  
10. my room at night, while getting ready for sleep, softly lit by a candle...... most relaxing time, ever. makes everything else in the world kind of just slip away. (well, for a few minutes, at least....) it's also romantic, where's a man when you need one?
(but, really...)

speaking of power naps....... (were we speaking of that?)
i think i'll take one now. 


karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

Dude! I love the bachelor! I love sarah and des! Also, avacados are the best thing on the planet! They're only 48 cents at winco right now!

Carolyn said...

Also, remember guacamole is made from, yes, avocados. Get some good chips, delicious cilantro salsa and guac and deliciousness will happen.

P.S. I really like who you are. Have I ever told you that?