Sunday, January 27, 2013

love notes

dear sunday, 
i love the peace you bring. and the excuse to be completely lazy. you are perfect. 

dear work,
i love you. but i really don't want to work the golden shift tomorrow. it's not golden. i want to sleep in. setting my alarm for 5 a.m. isn't so appealing right now.

dear grandma,
(whattup grandma?) i tried calling yall tonight. you didn't answer but, it's okay. i will try again tomorrow. promise. 

dear family,
stay warm out there in i-da-ho. seriously. it's cold.  however....

dear north carolina,
please figure out what season you would like to be. 70 degrees one day and 40 the next day is really starting to give me weather whip lash. 

dear best friend,
you're so strong. also, thanks for knowing me so creepishly well. still can't figure out how you knew without even opening your eyes i had fallen asleep during the prayer in sunday school. the snapping of your fingers in my face was greatly appreciated. 

dear birthday,
oh hey. you're this weekend. that's fun. donations accepted. 

dear missionary,
4.5 months. holla! 

dear magic latern,
you are fiercely helping the quality of my videos. my eye doesn't see focus (or lack thereof) quite like you. my grades are seriously thanking you. 

dear self, 
remember that angels can fly because they take themselves lightly. 

dear week, 
be good to me.

dear readers,
good grief. comment, why dontcha? 


Carolyn said...

Dear Lauren,
You have a great taste in music. I love this cover of Sunday morning.
Also great quote about the angels. Oh so true.
Love you!

Jill Binks said...

Dear Lauren,
I always read blogs on my phone and hate logging in to comment, but I understand the desire for people to comment. I love reading that things seem to be going well for you in NC and wish I was enjoying 70 degree weather!