Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oh, America

well, hey there. 

i'm having plenty of "me" time lately. which is both a good thing, and a bad thing? i don't know- just roll with it. but on the up side.... i've had plenty of time to get started on a few projects i am editing. one of which  is just for fun, and a few others i'm doing for work. 

so, remember i had a birthday? for the big weekend, the best friend and i headed on a mini road trip (about 5.5 hours) to washington d.c. for a couple of days. i had never been to d.c. before, so, obviously, i was excited! we had way too much fun. it was cold-ish, though.... it even snowed a bit! poor kelly, her native carolina blood couldn't hardly handle such "rigid" temperatures (go ahead, laugh, idaho.) i was a little sad to come back to reality (that's a bit of a understatement. some tears were definitely shed along with a grumpy attitude all the way home... kelly is a trooper for putting up with me).... but i am one year older, and i guess that means a little wiser too..... ha! yeah, right. bring it on, february. 

ah, one more thing...... i got an internship! starting february 11th i will be doing some PA (producer assistant) work on an independent film here in wilmington. so- that's kinda cool!

here's some pictures and a quick video from my weekend getaway..... major brownie points for kelly for letting me have a camera in her face all weekend (much to her dismay) girl hates a still camera pointed at her.... so, to have a video camera on her was quite the accomplishment.... she must love me. 


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Carolyn said...

Thanks for the video. It's cool to see D.C. Such a great place! You guys are crazy drivers! Glad your still alive! Love you my favorite 22 year old!