Tuesday, March 19, 2013

allow me to walk you through my ridiculously bad day-monday, march 18, 2013

- slept in. late for work. 
- golf course closed rest of the afternoon. everyone leaves but me. i will keep the shop open until 6. 
because, well, why not? 
- occupied myself with one grouchy, "i'm so rich, you little peasant" member, in my face for an hour. and they say money doesn't buy happiness....... 
- 3 members come in to the shop for me to respike their golf shoes. simple. i've done it for almost 3 years, right? somehow i broke all 3 of their shoes. awesome. 
- [refer to everyone leaving early but me] i had to double as a cart boy and bring all the carts in from that morning into the cart barn. i was the only one on property. literally. my car was the only one in the lot. the sun was setting. and i managed to LOCK myself inside the big, dark, creepy cart barn. with my cell phone still sitting in my golf shop. 
SERIOUSLY?!? this is the beginning of a horror movie.
(how i got myself out? you'll just have to ask me.) 
- finally got out of work 2 hours past closing. my pride hours before that. 
- got home. messy apartment. took the trash out. bottom of the bag broke broke half way to the dumpster in the middle of the parking lot. so, that was fun.
- my apartment key got jammed in my front door for a good 5 minutes. by this point, i was laughing at my day. i definitely yelled, "OF COURSE! This would happen today!!" at the top of my lungs. (sorry, neighbors.) 
- got inside my apartment, locked myself in my room, took a hot shower, and popped a sleeping pill. this day couldn't have been over fast enough. 

the end. 

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Carolyn said...

Oh honey! That's terrible! I will be calling. I need the complete story. As in, who was the snotty rich lady who was giving you a hard time, how did you get out of the barn, and what happens to the shoes?!