Sunday, March 17, 2013

love notes

dear life,
someone needs to teach me some patience, pronto! then i can better handle you. you know what i'm saying???  

dear grey's anatomy, 
i've been under your spell the last couple of weeks. i can't stop watching reruns. thank you netflix...... not really. i get nothing done. (but really... thank you. NO- wait. ah. can't make up my mind.....)

dear missionary, 
93 days...... but who's counting?! i'm counting! i'm ready to have my best friend home. i was ready like.... yesterday. hop to it, june. hop to it, i say! (hop to it? do people even say that?)

dear lipstick, 
we're currently pretty tight, you and i. you're helping me pull off my lazy days a lot better and much more often. i wish my tom boy self would have had the guts to touch you earlier. (i am almost positive my sister and mother are picking their jaws up off the ground right now.) 

dear well... name is not important,
i think it's hilarious you're married. sorry not sorry. 

dear rosa (aka my car), 
you're looking mighty nice these days. i am glad we spent 2 days together getting you made over. your strawberry scent and pearly glow are making me crave a road trip. 

dear not so nice person,
this can only take you so far. i don't understand, but i've given up understanding. you are who you are, and you do what you do. 

dear covers,
why are you almost always most definitely better than the originals??? hmm? 
but seriously.... why?

dear self, 
be someone you are proud of. everyday. people may hurt you, mistreat you and use you, but those people do not control you or your happiness. you can be better. so much better. 

dear monday,
most people hate you. me? well, you're my favorite day of the week. bring it on. 

dear st. patrick's day,
usually my favorite color is indeed green. but you make me hate that color every year on march 17th. also, i am not wearing green right now. someone pinch me.

dear bed,
i'm about to be your biggest fan. 
right......... NOW!


Courtney Kearns said...

I noticed the lipstick as soon as I saw that picture. I knew you'd grow up some day!

Carolyn said...

Yahoo for lipstick! With the set of beauties you have always had, it's about time you put color on to show them off!