Saturday, March 2, 2013

marriage.... is what brings us together today

last weekend i was the "wingman" for one of my best friend's engagement! mary's boyfriend (well, now fiance... she did, indeed, say yes.... spoiler alert?) and i have been working together for the last couple months to make sure mary had the perfect proposal. dustin wanted to put together a video scavenger hunt full of video clips sent in from people all close to mary. last saturday, mary and i went to get massages and afterward i surprised her with video #1. she was SO surprised (and confused) (pat on the back) (i'm a little parentheses happy) (one more for good measure) we spent the next 4 hours just the two of us following the clues around town. i feel really blessed that i got to be with mary step by step by step during such a landmark moment in her life. i have definitely never seen her happier! and she absolutely deserves it. melons and i have been best buds since before i even moved out to north carolina, she is a huge part of my life out here. i love her more than she'll ever fully comprehend and i am so excited to see her take this next step in her life!! i compiled the videos from the scavenger hunt as well as her reactions for mary and dustin...... and you! so, enjoy!!

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