Sunday, March 3, 2013

that's a wrap!

We wrapped the movie "Frat Brothers" late friday night/early saturday morning. it was bittersweet. i'm going to miss the family i made there but also looking forward to being able to sleep and have some sort of a life again. I am, however, shooting for another movie in April. That gives me a month to rest on up! i had such a great experience. i loved being there everyday, it became my happy and my safe place. it feels good to know i took the right path when it comes to my future-- can't complain about dat, yo.
 here's some photos from the last week!

and check out the our cast and crew being awesome and doing the "harlem shake"
it's pretty amazing, if i do say so myself....
miss them already! 

that's a wrap, folks! 
for now, anyway....


Courtney Kearns said...

you look TINY.

McKell morrison said...

Thanks for the pics. I've been waiting to see some!