Friday, April 12, 2013

happily me

 tonight, i am happy.
not because something spectacular happened
not because of any one reason
just... happy.
or maybe, i should say....
tonight, i am at peace.
and that feels pretty dang good. 
everything isn't perfect. far from it, in fact.
but i am [finally] learning to find peace in my everyday things
 the small, simple things in life, if you would. 
i like to call it, "my normal"

all this talk of happiness, well..... why not?

10 things that make me ridiculously happy:

1. the perfect weather wilmington has been producing. high 70's, and only 50% humidity... bless you, spring. i will bask lovingly in your bliss before summer opens its doors.
2. getting my friend, cari, addicted to grey's anatomy... she had never seen it before! whoa! what?! did i just blow your mind? obviously, she loves it. and i love seeing her love it!
3. the book of mormon. i've been getting my reading on big time lately. the strength, truth and power those pages spill out never ceases to amaze me.
4. my first beach day of the year happened tuesday! it was marvelous. 
5. i swear, everywhere i've gone lately i have ran into someone i know. it's pretty ridiculous. it  has made me realize how much of a life i have built for myself here in nc. this is home. 
dream big, my friends.......  
6. miranda lambert's song, "mama's broken heart" the radio has been blasting this song lately, and it's totally grown on me. so catchy! love it, i do. 
7. my church calling. though it is tough and it has broken my heart a few times, even though sometimes i want to run away screaming down the road like a crazy person..... i can honestly say that in the last 14 months that i have been a relief society president, my blessings have been endless. there is not a doubt in my mind that i was chosen for this calling because i needed to learn. i needed it so much more than it has ever needed me.
8. "The Wonder Years" Kelly has been pushing me to watch this show for, well, years. i finally let my stubborn side go (ha! hypothetically speaking, let's just be real....) and let it invade my netflix. it's a classic show for a reason! i'm loving ittttt. 
9. my new book(s)! feelin' smarter by the minute! 
10. ....68 days and my best friend will be home. 68, people!!



Courtney Kearns said...

ah hah... Jake and I were wondering who was watching The Wonder Years...

Miss you. Glad you're feeling good. Can't wait to see you in 6ish weeks!

Carolyn said...

Loved this post. Love you!