Saturday, April 20, 2013


what a weekend i had! 
i know it will make some of my family feel a bit better to (kinda?) hear my voice, or well, read my voice.... whatever.... 
most of you probably have heard by now, but for those who haven't, my friend and i were involved in a pretty serious car accident friday afternoon, by incredible blessings, the worst injury out of the 5 of us involved was a broken arm. 
i pulled out with a bump on the noggin, a pretty banged up knee and rib, some nasty whip lash and soreness from head to toe that seems to just be getting worse, but i guess that is to be expected.
my friend pulled out with a nasty concussion and some bruises. 
the other car flipped and slid 93 feet and we spun a few times into oncoming traffic in a busy intersection at rush hour. all things considering, i am counting my blessings. 
it's true what they say, the whole "life flashing before your eyes" thing. it's amazing all the things and people i thought of in those small seconds. there was a small time frame while we were spinning where i definitely thought this was over. i remember thinking "no. not me" and my brother flashed, my sisters, my parents, my best friend (it was her birthday! i was going to pick her up!) all the way down to the nice man i just met minutes before at the pharmacy. and ya know, i have good people in my life. as soon as i got out of the ambulance my best friend was at my side and minutes later people from church were filling up the waiting room. my boss was frantically texting me and even sent one of her nurse friends to come check on me, too. stinks my family is far away, especially at times like these, but it's so nice to know i have another family here, too! lucky, am i! 

anywayyyy..... i just snapped this baby real quick. this is my banged up knee after 1 day. 

and i don't have a picture of our car, but here is the other car. 

talk about a reality check.......... 

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Carolyn said...

Just finished prayers of which you being safe and sound was at the top of the list. Love you Peaches.