Wednesday, May 22, 2013

that's a wrap!

well, we officially wrapped the movie, "the perfect summer" monday night. it's always bittersweet to wrap. through all the long, hard days, you create a bond with the cast and crew that is a bond i don't think you can find anywhere else. i am blessed enough to get to work with the majority of the same crew on future swirl films, though. which is fantastic, i have made some of the best friends i will ever have in the swirl family. love my job. love what i do. and so blessed that i found a way to do it. on numerous occasions i would ask myself, "how is this my job?" i am just a girl from idaho, who had a problem with day dreaming. and on some weird whim, decided to take a dream and run with it. and it worked??? good gravy! 
i have 2 movies under my belt now. and i have made the step to becoming 1st AD. my mentor, "true" drue powell, has been the 1st AD on both "frat brothers" (my first film) and "the perfect summer" and has put me under his wing in training me. which also means, he is extra hard on me... but it's good! he promoted me to Key PA and kept handing me more responsibilities than any regular Key PA would have. somehow, i even scored the title of wilmington crew member of the day. see that HERE. drue even stepped down for the last few scenes we shot of the movie, handed in his radio, left set, and turned the set over to me to 1st AD the wrap of the film. it was incredibly scary but such an honor! a couple of the crew members snapped photos of me calling the shots.........

let's just keep the picture overload going........ shall we? 

idaho bound a week from today! holla!


Courtney Kearns said...

You're cute. Lets hang out next week.

Drew Spears said...

Jason Castro is a boss! How did you get to meet him?