Sunday, May 5, 2013

loving this song right now.... but really, who doesn't love mumford and sons? 

sunday night. i have some time to quickly blog before i head to bed. i have to be up at 4 a.m. (i have a 4:45 call time to set) i don't even believe 4 a.m. to be considered a "new day" so...... we'll see how that goes! 

anyway. so far, the movie is going just swimmingly! and something pretty cool, at least to me, i was promoted from PA to KEY PA! meaning now i am in charge of all the PAs. pressure is on but it's quite an honor! 

fun fact. eric roberts is in this movie. brother of julia roberts and father of emma roberts. super nice guy, love him. calls me "doll face" love his wife even more! 

off to bed, i go.... i'm not even entirely sure i can fall asleep this early, but here goes.... 

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Carolyn said...

Good girl on the bedtime!